Nature’s neural net!

Henrique Oliveira (b.1973, Brazil)

Creating a spectacular and invasive Gordian Knot, Henrique Oliveira plays with Palais de Tokyo’s architecture, allowing a work that combines the vegetal and the organic to emerge. The building itself becomes the womb that produces this volume of “tapumes” wood, a material used in Brazilian towns to construct the wooden palisades that surround construction sites.

In the form of paintings, sculptures or installations, the hybrid art of Henrique Oliveira evokes both the urban and the vegetable, the organic and the structural, as well as art and science, through compositions in which the unexpected generates a universe tinted with the fantastic.

Graduating from the University of São Paulo in 1997, the artist explores fluidity, the combination and color of materials, which endows his installations with a certain pictorial quality. Oliveira often borrows materials from the Brazilian urban landscape, notably tapumes, wood taken from fences surrounding and blocking access to construction sites. By using these materials, Oliveira highlights the endemic and parasitic nature of these constructions; evoking wooden tumors, his installations function as a metaphor for the favelas’ organic growth, thus revealing the dynamic decay of São Paulo’s urban fabric. In the artistic lineage of Lydia Clark or Hélio Oiticica, he uses the very context of this sprawling city as a raw material. The way in which it is treated, as well as its unexpected apparition, destabilizes the visitor’s perception of space.

Henrique Oliveira. Baitogogo @ Palais de Tokyo
13 Ave. du Président Wilson Paris 16 - 21.06-09.09.2013
In the context of “Nouvelles vagues” (New Waves) season
Photo: André Morin ; video The Making-of Henrique Oliveira’s Baitogo

[more Henrique Oliveira | artist found at darksilenceinsuburbia]

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the earth makes herself    .


(via 500px / Terra… not so Firma by Bruce Omori)

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All Bow to the Coffee God!

Shark killin’ it at 9th Street!


Sometimes I miss my friends in the Tattitlick Narrows sooo much! <3
 ~ Photo by Terrise-Roman G

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A new streetlamp powered by … algae?

The glowing, neon green lamp you see above is the invention of
French biochemist Pierre Calleja, who had the crazy idea of using algae to
power otherworldly, tube-shaped streetlamps that double as homes for this growing gloop. In a talk at TEDxLausanneChange, he explains the process behind the invention.

You may remember photosynthesis from biology class — if not, Wikipedia will remind you: “Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy that can be used to fuel the organisms’ activities.” But can photosynthesis help us light our sidewalks and roadways? Calleja thinks so.

He and his team at FermentAlg developed this lamp to double as a habitat for microalgae, which absorb solar energy and consume carbon dioxide. These lamps are designed to store the energy made from this process, so that when placed in unlit places, they can continue to shine.

These beautiful lights are not only practical, but their symbiotic technology could help in the fight against rising carbon emissions and climate change.

For more on Calleja’s work, check out his talk below:

(Photos: Pierre Calleja and Reuters)

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Carl Sagan's Cosmos premiered on this day in 1980 – celebrate with Sagan on the meaning of life

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Image Catalogue (IC) 1396 by Lonnie Hunker

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Best Brand Ever!

Some of the most compelling US tv content ever broadcast … and that includes space launches! Just watch it: http://thinkprogress.org/alyssa/2013/06/19/2181151/russell-brand-schools-morning-joe-panel-so-why-are-we-surprised-when-he-does-smart-things/


Sonja Vordermaier, Return (of the man who flew into space from his apartment) bicycle inner tubes, tension and firing mechanism, car-seat and film-projection approx. 30 m x 15 m, (98 ft x 49 ft), K3 at Kampnagel Culture Factory, Hamburg, Germany, 2004

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beautiful truth teller. soulful words to the young.


OMG, my pal Jeff Bussolini is the official expert in the new Vice documentary, Lil Bub and Friendz… His credit just rolled by at the Tribeca Film Festival… epic!! Way to go, Jeff!